International Financial Services Centres Authority

(A statutory authority established by Government of India)

Ship Leasing

IFSCA Regulations, Framework & Guidelines for Ship leasing
Sr. No. Title Issuing AuthorityNotification/circular numberDateView
1 Additional requirements for carrying out the permissible activities by Finance Company as a Lessor under ‘Framework for Ship Leasing’ IFSCA F. No 496/IFSCA/FC/SLF/2024-25/02 08/05/2024  
2 Clarifications in relation to permissible activities undertaken by a lessor specified under “Clarification on Framework for ship leasing" IFSCA F. No 496/ IFSCA/FC/SLF/2024-25/01 02/04/2024  
3 Framework for Ship Leasing, updated as on June 23, 2023 IFSCA F. No. 496/IFSCA/FC/SLF/2022-23/001 23/06/2023  
4 Amendment to the Circular titled 'Framework for Ship Leasing' IFSCA F. No. 496/IFSCA/FC/SLF/2022-23/002 22/03/2023  
5 Framework for Ship Leasing - Finance Company/Unit IFSCA F. No. 496/IFSCA/FC/SLF/2022-23/001 16/08/2022  

Notifications and Circulars issued by other Ministries and Govt. Organisations
Sr. No.Proposed titleIssuing Authority Notification/circular numberDateView
1 Notification on Sharing of office space Ministry of Commerce and Industry CG-DL-E-15032024-253026 14/03/2024  
2 Notification to allow procedure of import or export or procurement from or supply to Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) of ship by a Unit in International Financial Services Centre Ministry of Commerce and Industry CG-DL-E-05072023-247066 04/07/2023  
3 Notification on enabling ship lease as a financial product in the IFSC Ministry of Finance CG-GJ-E-10012022-232518 07/01/2022  

Forms for Ship leasing
Sr. No.Proposed title Issuing AuthorityView
1 IFSCA Ship leasing framework along with Application form IFSCA  

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
Sr. No.Proposed titleIssuing Authority View
1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Finance Company / Finance Unit IFSCA  

Sr. No.Proposed titleDate View
1 Statistics for Ship leasing activities in GIFT IFSC as on May 31, 2023 31/03/2024  

List of Registered Entities
Sr. No.Proposed titleDate View
1 List of Registered Ship leasing Entities with IFSCA 31/03/2024  

Should you have any queries on issues related to fund management, market participants and other stakeholders should not hesitate to write to Dr. Dipesh Shah (Executive Director, IFSCA) at or call on 079-61809800