International Financial Services Centres Authority

(A statutory authority established by Government of India)

How To Apply

How to Apply?

  1. The mandate of IFSCA is to develop and regulate the financial institutions, financial products, and financial services in the International Financial Services Centres (IFSCs) in India. IFSCA aims to create a world‐class financial ecosystem based on ease of doing business and to provide best-in-class regulatory frameworks, to make IFSCs in India a preferred global destination for international financial services.
  2. The interested entities may engage with the Development team of IFSCA to seek information on the various opportunities available at GIFT IFSC and the process flow for setting up the business in GIFT IFSC. The entities may also seek time for presentation on their business plan by writing to the Development team at The Development team can provide you with a broad overview of tax and business regulations at IFSC. The Development team can also take you through the details in a short VC meeting based on your request via email. 
  3. Once a decision to apply is made, the entities may connect with the concerned regulatory team as per the verticals mentioned below for any query with respect to the regulatory framework or application process. The teams below are available for a short Video or Tele-call during the working hours.

The applicant can thereafter submit the final application to IFSCA at All applicants are required to clearly mention the business vertical for which the application is being submitted. The application email shall also be copied to the relevant division as per the details provided in the table in para 3 above. For example, the entity making an application for a banking license shall mention the subject of the email as Application_Banking_IFSC_Name of the entity.

  1. Upon successful submission of application, the concerned regulatory team shall reach out to the applicants for any further queries they may have based on the application submitted within 7 working days. If there are difficulties, the applicant can reach out to the Chairperson at IFSCA will strive to take a final decision on all applications within 45 days.
  2. The applicants are advised to refer to the relevant regulations/ guidelines / circulars issued by IFSCA before making an application and thereafter from time to time to keep themselves updated with the latest regulatory frameworks (Acts, Rules, Regulations, Frameworks, Notification, Circulars) applicable in the IFSC. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers thereof are also listed under the “Legal” section of the website.
  3. For information on the applicable fee structure, kindly refer to the Fee circular issued by IFSCA.
  4. The process flow for setting up business at GIFT IFSC is as follows:

For entities proposing to incorporate in IFSC (Companies / LLP)

For entities proposing to setup as a Branch(of a Company / LLP) in IFSC