International Financial Services Centres Authority

(A statutory authority established by Government of India)

IFSCA Directory

List of Registered Entities

Name of Entities
Anicut Capital LLP (IFSC Branch)
3one4 Capital FME IFSC LLP
Abakkus Asset Manager LLP
Abans Alternative Fund Managers LLP
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited (IFSC Branch)
Airavat Investment Managers IFSC LLP
Aivot Growth Advisory LLP
Alchemy Investment Management LLP
Algoquant Global Finserv (IFSC) LLP
Alpha Alternatives Fund Advisors LLP
Alphamine Investment Management Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
ASK Investment Managers Limited
Blacksoil Asset Management Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
Blume Venture Investment Manager LLP
Carpediem Advisors Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
Centre Court Capital Fund Managers IFSC LLP
Chronos Investment Managers India LLP
Edelweiss Alternative Asset Advisors Limited (IFSC Branch)
Equirus Wealth Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
Fireside Investment Advisory Llp (IFSC Branch)
Girik Advisors LLP (IFSC Branch)
HDFC Capital Advisors Limited (IFSC Branch)
Invascent ILSF Manager LLP
Investec Capital Services (India) Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
Jashvik Capital Management LLP
Karine Capital IFSC Private Limited
Kotak Investment Advisors Limited
LR India Investment Managers IFSC LLP
Millingtonia Capital Advisors LLP
Mirae Asset Capital Markets (India) Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
Mirae Asset Investment Managers (India) Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
MO Alternative IFSC Private Limited
Morgan Stanley Fund Advisor IFSC Private Limited
Multiples Asset Management IFSC Pvt. Ltd.
Nippon Life India Asset Management Limited (IFSC Branch)
Nish Capital Investment Advisor LLP
Northern Arc Investment Managers Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
Nuvama Asset Management Limited (IFSC Branch)
Ops Global Capital Advisors Private Limited
Phillip Ventures IFSC Private Limited
Sageone Investment Managers LLP (IFSC Branch)
Sameeksha Investment Managers LLP
SBI Funds Management Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
Stakeboat Capital LLP (IFSC Branch)
SV Offshore Fund Advisors LLP
Terazo Fintech LLP
The Investment Trust of India Limited (IFSC Branch)
Tradeair (IFSC) Private Limited
Unifi Investment Management LLP
UTI Capital Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
Venture Catalysts Private Limited (IFSC Branch)
Vivriti Asset Management Private Limited
Vortis Advisors Overseas LLP
Waterfield Fund Managers Private Limited