International Financial Services Centres Authority

(A statutory authority established by Government of India)

Organisation Structure

  1. Chairperson

    K. Rajaraman 

    1. Department of Banking Supervision
      Kumar Raghuraman, HoD

      1. Division of Banking Supervision

      2. Division of Finance Company Supervision

    2. Department of Banking
      Supriyo Bhattacharjee, CGM

      1. Division of Finance Company Regulation

      2. Division of Payment and Settlement

      3. Division of Banking Regulations

    3. Department of Capital Markets
      Pradeep Ramakrishnan, ED

      1. Division of Corporate Finance – Equity, Hybrid and related products

      2. Division of Corporate Finance – Debt and Sustainable Finance

      3. Division of Market Infrastructure Institutions – Regulation and Supervision

      4. Division of Investment Funds - I and New Products & Services

      5. Division of Investment Funds - II

      6. Division of Supervision of Intermediaries

    4. Department of Insurance and Pension
      Praveen Trivedi, ED

      1. Division of Insurance

      2. Division of Pension

    5. Department of Metals and Commodities
      Pradeep Ramakrishnan, ED

      1. Market Development Division

      2. Market Regulation Division

    6. Department of Development
      Dipesh Shah, ED

      1. Development of Financial Markets

      2. Division of Economic Policy and Analysis

      3. Division of Foreign University

      4. Division of International Affairs

      5. Division of Outreach and Communication

      6. Ease of Doing Business Cell

    7. Department of General Administration
      Praveen Trivedi, ED

      1. Division of Administration & HR

      2. Division of Treasury, Finance and Accounts

      3. Division of Rajbhasha

      4. Project Management Unit (International Events, Conferences and Summits)

    8. Department of Technology
      Joseph Joshy C J, Chief Technology Officer

      1. Division of Information Technology

      2. Division of FinTech

    9. Department of policy and Legal Affairs
      Praveen Trivedi, ED

      1. Division of Legal Policy

      2. Division of Legal Affairs

      3. Division of Investor Education and Protection

      4. SEZ Division

    10. Department of Regulatory Policy and Regulatory Affairs

      1. Regulatory Cooperation

      2. Risk Based Supervision

      3. SupTech

      4. FATF Cell

      5. Division of Enforcement

    11. Division of Cyber Security
      Praveen Kamat, GM